How Much is My Home Worth?


Selling a home is a big step for most people and to make sure that step a successful one, you need someone you can trust.  For many of us, our home represents our biggest investment as well as a place where memories have been made.  To make your sale successful, you need to feel both comfortable and confident with your agent.

I Know The Market

I provide up-to-date market information and can accurately let you know the market value of your property.  I provide a detailed CMA (comparative market analysis) to ensure your property hits the market at the right price point.  I eat, breathe, and sleep Norwalk real estate and real estate is a full-time job for me.  I am familiar with local developments and trends.  When making such a big decision, don’t put your trust in an agent who works part-time, or dabbles in real estate on the weekend!

I Pride Myself On Communication

I provide a comprehensive weekly update to each client, which includes: the number of showings at the property, comparable listing activity on the market, relevant feedback, and strategic advice.  I am easily reachable via email or my cell phone.  I have heard countless stories of homeowners who listed their property for sale and then rarely (or never) heard anything from their real estate agent after their first meeting.  That is unacceptable!  When selling your home you need someone who is prompt with communication.

I Negotiate The Best Price and Terms For You

One major reason a seller hires a real estate agent is to help them get the “best deal” for their home.  This goes beyond price, and covers other terms of the sale (financing, contingencies, closing dates, etc.)  I tell my clients that after we agree on the price and terms of a sale, we are at half-time.  The second half consists of the building inspection, potential credits, appraisal, buyer financing, and any last minute hurdles leading up to the closing.  A good real estate agent acts as the “glue” and makes sure that everyone in the transaction (Seller, Seller’s attorney, Buyer’s agent, Buyer’s attorney, Buyer’s mortgage broker, etc.) are all on the same page.  Without the glue, the pieces fall apart.


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