Listing Pictures are Important!

There are lots of funny things about real estate.  First of all, real estate centers around people and their desires, and people can be very funny.

One classically amusing area of real estate are the listing pictures.  We have all seen some doozies!  Some pictures make us scratch our heads and ask ourselves “are they trying to make me NOT want to see this home?”  Try Googling “bad listing photos real estate” and you will come up with more than 61 million results!

If you need a quick laugh, look no further.  Here is an article (with some pictures) from with some “interesting” listing pictures…  CLICK HERE

Some times when a property doesn’t look good in the pictures, it is because it doesn’t offer any good picture opportunities, but many times the agent’s choice of photos to use in the listing is just frightening!  Choose an agent who takes good photos!  It will help drive traffic to your home whether it is in Norwalk or anywhere else.

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