Apartments For Rent In Norwalk


Looking for an apartment for rent in Norwalk?  Look no further.  Pause for a moment, and take a deep breath. It gets much easier from here on out…

When it comes to Norwalk apartment rentals, you have a lot of options…  Are you looking for a house for rent in Norwalk, a condo, or an apartment?  Do you prefer to be in East Norwalk, South Norwalk, or along Route 7?  There are likely many more questions you need answered in order to find the best rental in Norwalk for you.

How are you going about your search for a Norwalk rental?  Are you looking in the newspaper?  How about Craigslist?  Have you seen some “For Rent” signs in front yards and called on those?  If you have done all of the above, and you haven’t found a place, I would guess you are probably pretty frustrated.

What if I could tell you that you could find an apartment for rent in Norwalk, and it won’t consume your life for a couple of weeks?  Do you enjoy the mind-numbing work of looking at rentals in Norwalk on the internet during your lunch break, or on your 5 inch cell phone screen on your train ride to the city?

The truth is, as the top Norwalk realtor, I can make your rental search a lot easier and more efficient.  How much more efficient can I help you be with your time?  I calculate 400% more efficient.



Think about how you have been going about your rental search so far, and how much time that has taken you.  Now compare that with how much time it takes to find a top-notch rental in Norwalk when you work with me (Norwalk’s # 1 real estate agent!).

  • You contact me directly via email or my website, or you email me regarding one of the rentals I have advertised online.
  • I email you back with a quick questionnaire to find out what you are looking for, and to be sure that I can help you.
  • You email me back with the answers (it takes 1 – 2 minutes).
  • I email you back with a list of properties that fit your criteria.  Since I know the Norwalk rental inventory so well, I can email you the very best options.  I also take into account when you are looking to move, appliances needed, etc.
  • You email me back with the best Norwalk properties you are interested in checking out, and we find a time to meet to see them.
  • We check out the places you are interested in seeing, talk about an offer that makes sense, and I submit it.
  • We get an accepted offer and I handle the details up until you getting your keys.
Those 7 steps would take you about 2.5 hours in total.  Just 2.5 hours!  What I am saying is if you contact me to start your Norwalk apartment rental search, I can have you situated in just 2.5 hours of your time.  Keep in mind that the 2.5 hours is over the course of at least a couple of days.



Where am I able to save you time?  I do that by emailing you properties that specifically fit what you are looking for (filtering out the best properties), and viewing all of those properties with you in one meeting.  This efficiency estimate assumes you are currently living in Norwalk.  If you are living out of town, forget it!  I will probably save you multiple hours in driving time needed to come to Norwalk multiple times to see multiple properties.

By conservative estimates, you can be 400% more efficient with your time viewing Norwalk rentals with me, than by yourself!

For the fastest  response from me, take 30 seconds to fill out my rental inquiry form and I will email you appropriate listings.

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