South Norwalk / 99 Washington St. set for 52 new apartments

If you frequent downtown South Norwalk, expect to see some changes starting in about 6 months.

The Norwalk Zoning Commission just approved a new building to be built on Washington St. in SoNo that will house 52 apartments and provide 90 parking spaces.  Where will they be able to fit that?  Directly next to The Gingerman, where a parking lot is presently located at 99 Washington St.

The 52 unit building is another in a line of planned development in Norwalk.  There are multiple approved developments in Norwalk, but many of them have been slow to actually develop.  Waypointe, located on West Ave, could possible be the most active job site at the moment.  After a slowdown due to discovery of asbestos, that project looks to be up and moving again.

Norwalk residents are mostly optimistic about the new developments, but want to see these developers actually deliver on their proposals.  If just half of the proposed developments in Norwalk come to fruition in the next 1-2 years, there will be some very noticeable changes.

For more information on the new 52 unit apartment building, CLICK HERE.

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