New Zillow 5-Star Review from Norwalk Rental Client

Hot off the press, a new 5-star Zillow review from a Norwalk rental client.  Here is the review directly from

“Todd was a very reliable, helpful, responsible, experienced, and professional realtor; my experience with him was overall highly positive. After months of mindless web surfing, I started to seriously look for a place to live in Norwalk just around a month prior to my move-in date. I contacted Todd by email about my situation and rental preferences (price range, bedroom #, proximity, etc), and he immediately provided me with a list of places to rent. Mind you, the list was not some blind list that disregarded the preferences, but rather a truly relevant list that reflected my criteria. At that time, I was still in Michigan and not really willing to make a trip to Norwalk for an apartment hunting. Todd accommodated this preference of mine and even kindly recorded awesome videos of a few places I prioritized. Todd’s knowledge on the area and housing in general is so neat that he answered all my questions right on. He patiently kept up with me and my large pack of inquiries even though all this process happened through the holiday season in December. I can go on and on about this, but the bottom-line is that Todd was an excellent realtor who truly lives up to the title “Norwalk’s #1 Real Estate Agent”. I definitely would work with him again if I am to find a new place in this area.”

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