For four years running, I have helped more people find rentals in the Norwalk area than any other agent in Fairfield County.  Check out my Testimonials page and see what my clients think!

No matter if your budget is $900 per month or $10,000+ per month, I am the go-to guy!

Working with a Norwalk real estate agent ensures you see the best available properties in the least amount of time.  Working with the # 1 Norwalk Rental Expert means you get to see the best properties, accompanied by the best service, best communication, and the best market knowledge.  Does it get any better?  Yes!  There is no fee to you as they are paid by the landlord.


Most Norwalk renters are in the dark about rentals here in lower Fairfield County, and with good reason.  Most of us think you must look in the local paper, or check out Craigslist to find rentals.  They soon become inundated with available apartments.  Most of the time the descriptions and pictures (if there are any) are misleading, or are from 10 years ago when the place was first built!

If you are reading this, you probably know exactly what I am talking about!  When you think about it, it is really quite inefficient for the tenant to gather all of this information and become a market expert in a short amount of time, just to feel confident when picking your next place to rent.  Not to mention you might spend your entire Saturday coordinating appointments with landlords to see 5 places.  It will probably turn out that most of them weren’t close to what you expected (and hopefully all 5 landlords were on time, or even showed up).

Forget that nonsense and talk to the expert!  No other agent sees 20+ Norwalk rental units per week like I do.  No other agent submits and negotiates more leases then I do.  No other agent is more familiar with the Norwalk rental market like I am!


Your time is VERY valuable, and you want to spend it viewing rentals that are very close to what you are looking for.  With me, we can see 6 places in 1.5 hours depending on how far apart the units are.  By conservative estimates, you can be 400% more efficient with your time viewing properties with me, than by yourself!

For the fastest  response, take 30 seconds to fill out my rental inquiry form and I will email you appropriate listings.

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