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Below is a new testimonial from a real estate client in Norwalk!

“I cannot express how grateful I am that my husband and I found Todd before our move to CT! We were moving from Missouri and had no idea where to look for a rental, and no time to learn! We figured we were on our own since we were renting and not buying. We found Todd on a site somewhere, however, and he was invaluable. He answered the dozens of questions we came up with and was beyond diligent in checking out places for us. He even went so far as to take detailed videos during walk-throughs since we couldn’t be there to view the places in person! All the properties he showed us were suitable, but we were able to eliminate a few places from the videos–so grateful that we did not find out about the places’ faults when we moved in!

Even though we were renting as opposed to buying, the process was extremely stressful long-distance. It’s hard not knowing the areas and not knowing what places look and feel like “in person.” Todd was our eyes and ears on the ground here in Norwalk and very patiently answered all the questions we had. I can’t imagine what kind of place we would have ended up in if it weren’t for him!

I have been meaning to write this testimonial since we moved in this summer, but time has gotten away from me. I’m kind of glad it has, because now I can also add that Todd has diligently checked in at regular intervals to see how we’re doing in our rental. He has sent several quick emails making sure everything is okay and asking if we have any concerns or questions. It’s nice to know that he didn’t just find us a place and then forget about us! I feel that he really had our back throughout this whole process and that he would have done anything to make sure we found a place we were happy in. I can’t recommend Todd any more strongly to anyone considering moving to the area, especially if you’re moving from out of state! Todd is a real life-saver!”

Jen and Mike B.  –  Norwalk, CT

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